Super Lynx 100 is the latest version of the very successful Lynx helicopter family. It incorporates the latest technology in engines, rotor design and avionics, making it the world’s leading multi-role helicopter in its class.


Leading Maritime Helicopter

Super Lynx 300 meets the rigorous demands of military operations in harsh environments throughout the world. Its operational success has made it the benchmark by which helicopters for small ships are judged.

Rugged Military Helicopter

Super Lynx has proven its military worth around the world. Its battle proven design is built to withstand the rough treatment encountered in military operations.


Proven Design in Use Throughout the World

Lynx and Super Lynx are operated very successfully worldwide in a wide range of roles, including maritime surveillance, EEZ patrol and enforcement, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare and search and rescue.


Modern Technology

New Powerplant for Global Operations

  • Two Rolls Royce/LHTEC CTS800-4N engines with five easy to remove modules
  • Developed under a US DoD funded development programme
  • High reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Provides the power required for hot and high operations world-wide
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)


Low Workload Integrated Glass Cockpit             

  • Fully integrated flight and mission display system
  • Four Integrated Display Unit (IDU) Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) screens with full sunlight readability
  • Two Electronic Power Systems Instrument (EPSI) displays
  • NVG compatible cockpit meets Mil-Std 3009 Type 1 Class B and C requirements













Modern Core Avionics System

  • Avionics architecture based on Mil-Std 1553B databus
  • Dual redundant Computer Display Navigation Units
  • Full reversionary navigation system

- Inertial navigation

- Doppler

  • Comprehensive communications suite

 Undercarriage Design

  • 12 feet/second rate of descent for deck operations
  • Constant ride height ensures safe operating environment under rotor disk in a dynamic maritime environment


  • Unique design provides for safe deck operations in high sea states